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29 great fitness gifts for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Almost everyone has one or the other athlete or fitness freak among his friends and relatives. Unfortunately it is sometimes not so easy to find the right fitness gifts for such people. But there are enough opportunities where you would like to give a sports person a pleasure. Be it a birthday, Christmas or any other beautiful occasion.

29 great fitness gifts for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

This article will help you to find the right gifts for your fitness friends. Because there are quite a few fitness gifts that every athlete and fitness lover will enjoy. I am sure that there is one or the other in this list, which your athletic friend or athletic friend will be very happy about.

A tricky thing about fitness gifts is that men and women sometimes have different preferences. To give you the best possible advice, I’ve teamed up with Jenny for this list. Together we present you fitness gifts in different price categories. There is something for every purse!

In the following price ranges, we have divided the gifts:

  • Fitness gifts up to 25 euros
  • Gifts for athletes up to 50 euros
  • Sporting gifts up to 100 euros
  • Luxury fitness gifts over 100 euros

Fitness gifts up to 25 euros

Even for the small purse or just for smaller fitness gifts without a special occasion, there are a lot of things that sporty people will certainly be happy about. Even for just under 10 € you can make a fitness lover a pleasure. Here are our recommendations for fitness gifts up to 25 euros.

Fitness gloves

Fitness gifts for athletes Harbinger fitness gloves
I can always use some good training gloves. Anyone who trains regularly with dumbbells can sing a song of it. Even a pair of really good gloves may last 3-4 months if worn well.The quality is of course very important in such training gloves. With a classic like the Harbinger Uni Pro with wrist bandage (for just under 20 euros) you never go wrong. These also did very well in our fitness gloves test.

A pair of sports socks

Everyone just needs socks every day. Especially for athletes it is important to wear the right socks – these should be compress, cushion and breathable. Depending on which sport your girlfriend or friend operates, there are also corresponding differences (football, handball or running socks). With many a long run I was very grateful to wear comfortable socks. And now it comes; I have never bought sports socks myself. My mother regularly showered me with sports socks – thank you mom. You get a high quality pair of running socks from Falke for women and men starting from 15 Euro.

Protein shaker bottle

Another utensil that you as an athlete can never have enough of. Shakers and water bottles need athletes and fitness enthusiasts almost every day. Again and again, one or the other gets lost or broken. Paying attention to quality when buying shakers pays off. I swear by the original BlenderBottle with the Blender Ball instead of a punch. The bottles look chic, are BPA-free and last forever. The shakers are not only suitable for the preparation of protein shakes. They can also be wonderfully used as a drinking bottle. There are the BlenderBottle in the classic design already from about 10 euros.

A sports towel

The sports towels tend to be always the older in the range. But who likes to clean his face in the gym with an old rag. Just because most athletes do not treat their own stylish sports towel, this is perhaps a reasonably priced fitness gift, which is well received. For example, there is a good, quick-drying and space-saving sports towel by Vaude already for less than 10 euros.

Exercise belts

Whether runners, strength athletes or Crossfitter, a few Therabänder can any athlete need. Be it as a gym replacement for home or on the road or simply as a supplement to regular training, these rubber bands are universally applicable tools for every workout. Incidentally, I also wrote an article about training with Therabändern. These tapes are broken again and again. Here, therefore, replenishment is needed regularly. Different strengths are needed for different purposes. A set of 3-4 different bands in reasonable length (1.5 or better 2m) costs just under 15 € and is therefore a gift.

A fast jump rope

A jump rope is a great fitness gifts for Athletes. Not only to warm up when treadmill and elliptical cross trainer have become too boring, but also as cardio training for home and on the road. A small, inconspicuous rope that will make your fitness buddy or your fitness buddy sweat while reviving memories of nursery school break time. Important in a jump rope is that the rope is heavy enough to take up neat speed. A classic is the SpeedRope from StarwoodSport, which is also often found in Crossfit halls. Such is already under 10 euros to get.

Blackroll fascia ball

For just under 10 euros you get a 8 cm thick ball, which can be used wonderfully for self-massage and for fascia training. Every athlete can benefit from this type of training. Especially on the way you can work wonderfully with this little ball. But otherwise you can use such a ball, as a supplement to a Selbstmassagerolle very well. With the ball you get much deeper into the muscle structures than with the role. Especially on the feet can do so really much, which in particular many runners appreciate.

A new training diary

A fitness gifts for athlete who want to record their success is the training diary. Especially strength and endurance athletes who have a specific goal, record their training sessions in writing, to have an overview of advances and regressions. So far I’ve taken a normal notebook and drawn lines myself. Recently I found a fancy, finished training diary for just over 10 € on Amazon. Of course, creative minds can lovingly create a training diary for their loved one or loved one …

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Healthy and tasty attentions

Personally, I am always especially happy when my friends and relatives accept that I (as good as) do not eat chocolate bars and biscuits. Thus, I get on festive occasions such as birthdays or Christmas almost no Schokoweihnachtsmänner, but more often delicious snack packages with protein bars, nuts, rice waffles or fruit.

A fitness freak is happy about a protein bar really more than a Schokoosterhasen. This is especially true for me, which is why I have been called by some friends by others as a protein bar junkie. The best way to find out beforehand and if yes, what protein bars the one who likes to donate likes to eat. If that does not work anymore, I personally think that you can not do much wrong with the Carb Control bars from Body Attack.

A delicious lunchbox

A really great gift for athletes is a lunch or snack box. Many fitness crazy people pay close attention to their food and can not eat anywhere without problems. Therefore, it is common to boil the food and bring along. Often, I do not want to eat my food in a lunch box, but store it in individual compartments. It is also important that the cans are really tight. Who likes to have lunch in their handbag or sports bag? Good lunch boxes with inserts are available at Amazon already from about ten euros each.

Fitness Onlineshop Coupon

Let’s face it, vouchers are always a useful gift. At least that’s the case if they’re for the right store or online store. So if you know where your athlete friend likes to buy his sports goods and supplements, then get a voucher for this shop. He or she will be happy about it. Such a coupon is definitely more personal than simply giving cash. At the same time you avoid making a bad buy.

One day in the sauna

Regular sauna sessions and sports have a positive effect on your health. For my psyche it is a break from the stressful everyday life. My body has the opportunity to excrete waste, relax muscles and strengthen the immune system. But beware; not for everyone this is a suitable gift – not everyone likes the extreme heat. Otherwise, there are many swimming pools in various sauna landscapes, which can be visited already during the day for 20 €. And if that’s something for you too, just join us!

Fitness gifts to 50 euros

If you want to spend a little more and give something bigger, you will certainly find something in this category. For 25-50 Euro you can make your fitness buddy or your fitness friend already one or the other really great joy. Here are our recommendations for fitness gifts for athletes up to 50 euros.

A blackroll fascia role

Fascinating training is becoming increasingly popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. But still few have even one of these practical roles at home. That should be different and opens a good opportunity for a great and useful gift. The original Black Roll Orange costs about 30 euros and every athlete who has not yet, will be grateful for this gift.

A Thai massage

Every athlete is happy about a massage voucher. In addition to black roll training, the massage helps to relieve muscle tension through targeted stimulation of the blood circulation. In addition, massage releases endorphins that reduce stress and reduce pain. A massage that also promotes flexibility is the Thai massage. Here you get 60min. Massage depending on massage practice already for less than 50 €. You could even go together and then spend some time together and relax together.

A chic sports bag

If you do sports frequently, you also need a good bag in which to transport your sports equipment from A to B. After a while, such a bag does not look so pretty anymore. I know that very well. At the latest after 2-3 years, such a bag is quite worn and should actually be replaced. After all, such a bag is also a statement. Nevertheless, many (like me) would like to spend even the money for a new bag reluctant, if the old still fulfills its purpose. However, if you get a new, stylish sports bag, this is more than welcome. Last year I got a new bag and was very happy about it. If that were not in very good shape and I could wish for a new one, that would be the Under Armor Storm, but there are plenty of other fancy sports bags

Low carb baking

A great fitness gift for back-crazy athletes is a low carb backset. Personally, I like to bake now and then, and of course pay particular attention to the quality and nutrients of the ingredients. These special ingredients, in contrast to the “normal” foods cost a lot of money and are not available in every supermarket. Of course, the fitness team is happy about an ingredient gift basket. Of course, I am especially happy about diligent eaters, who can also gain something from healthy food. For example, here are a lot of healthy sugar alternatives. For example, such a low carb backset might include:

  • A tin of Xucker light *
  • Xylitol chocolate drops *
  • Low Carb Coconut Flour *
  • Chia seeds*
  • Low Carb Powdered Sugar *
  • Organic coconut oil *

A pair of Bluetooth sports headphones

Music and sports belong together for me. In order for this well-balanced, the athlete needs not only the right music for training but also a few headphones with a good fit and first-class sound. That’s why I think a few good Bluetooth sports headphones are a great fitness gift for every athlete and fitness lover. Some time ago I made a detailed Bluetooth sports headphones test, which I update and expand on occasion again and again. The prize-winner was the Plantronics Backbeat Fit, which I still like to use and highly recommend as a sports headphone.Best Fitness gifts for athlete.

Tickets for the FIBO (or another fitness fair)

A special gift idea for athletes are probably tickets for the famous fitness fair, the FIBO. The FIBO takes place in Cologne and is visited by around 150,000 people from over 100 countries. At FIBO you will find exhibitors who inform about the latest trends in fitness, wellness and health. I have visited FIBO many times and have always been able to take suggestions and new ideas. With a FIBO card, which costs from 27 € for the year 2019, fitness enthusiasts will certainly be pleased.

A nice sport zipperb

Especially in the cold season, the Sport zipper is a great fitness gifts for (with a little search) just under 50 €. This pretty thin jacket is suitable for putting it on or taking it off in the gym (and also during sports). Of these jackets I have so many in the closet. But you can never have enough of the zippers. These are used up fairly quickly because of the frequent washing. Nothing can go wrong with the models from Nike when you give them.

A sling trainer

Anyone who has read one or the other article on this blog knows that I am a great friend of sling trainers. So why not give someone such a mobile gym? The test winner from our large sling trainer test, the aerosol ELITE Plus * costs around 200 euros, but there are also cheaper models, which are also already recommended. For just under 100 euros, for example, the extremely robust models by Variosling are recommended.

A high-quality blender

For the preparation of protein shakes, smoothies and other delicacies, every athlete and fitness lover can use a neat stand mixxer. It pays to rely on a brand-name device. Good household appliances are also available under 100 euros. With the Philips HR2195 / 08 (about 90 Euro) you can not go wrong. He also makes a good figure in the kitchen.

A windproof outdoor sports jacket

One of the best fitness gifts for the colder and windy seasons is a good, windproof running jacket. Especially when running you can work up a sweat and can catch a cold pretty quickly. When cold wind comes along, it can be particularly unpleasant. A good wind stop ability and a quick-drying function are therefore incredibly important. In addition, the jacket should be light, that when running not too much luggage must be carried around. Every gram counts for the head. A very nice and high quality model for women and men you get from the brand Asics for just under 60 €.

One hour of personal training

If you like to train frequently, perhaps one or the other thing has crept over time. Even if not, there is still some optimization potential that a professional can tease out. Maybe you just want to feel a bit special and get exclusive care for your training. All of these things can be obtained through personal training. Many athletes are unwilling to spend the money for such an hour even though they are aware of its value. Incidentally, you can pay 80-100 euros for a good coach per hour with a clear conscience. But there is also a very good care with solid preparation and follow-up.

Luxury fitness gifts over 100 euros

If you really want to spend a lot of money for the gift for your athlete or fitness freak or if you are looking for a bigger, common gift, then you are right here. Now come our fitness gift ideas over 100 euros.

A fitness tracker bracelet

Fitness bracelets are one of the great trends in the fitness industry in recent years. These so-called wearables give the wearer various possibilities to track, evaluate and optimize their lives with all their activities and habits. Modern devices such as the Fitbit Charge HR enable a permanent pulse measurement without a wrist strap, calculate the daily calorie requirement and evaluate the personal sleep patterns. The Fitbit Charge HR even has a built-in sleep phase alarm, as I have recommended in my article for a better and healthier sleep.

(Short) holiday in a sports hotel

If it may be a bit expensive, then I would be very happy for a few days rest. Rest means having “time for me”. Sleep well, eat delicious and do sports. Especially when I’m on vacation, I could relax and have regained strength, I would like to be able to do sports without restrictions. In most hotels there is no reasonable sports offer. Therefore pay attention to your next holiday surprise on a varied program, like with new things that you can try. There are sports hotels around the world, so you can google it afterwards. What is usually not enough, is in the holiday comparators checkmark at “Fitness” to set. At the offer of some hotels I am at home sometimes better equipped.
A (GPS) running / fitness watch

Just about every athlete and fitness lover has a heart rate monitor. Most runners also have a GPS watch. The question is how much time does it have and if it is not time for a new one? Now that technology has made some progress, having a new running and fitness watch is a good time to give away.

Of course there are (depending on priorities and budget) also much cheaper models that can fulfill their purposes. The Porsche among the sports watches is without question the Garmin Fenix ​​5. With barometric height measurement, heart rate measurement on the wrist, comprehensive smartwatch functionalities and enough juice for every ultra-marathon, this sports watch is even stylish enough to wear in a suit. But a Fenix ​​on the wrist is always a statement.

I still have the predecessor and I have to say I love this watch and since the price has dropped to below 400 Euro I am thinking of switching to the new model.

A variable multi-dumbbell set

If you have a few classic dumbbells to change at home, you are often annoyed by the way it’s always a hassle. However, there are also so-called variable dumbbells that can spare you this stress.

So if you know someone who wants to get a few dumbbells for home or already has a few, but complains about the constant relocation and / or too little weight, then consider whether the DialTech dumbbell set is the right present for him could. These variable dumbbells are of first-class quality, can be adjusted flexibly to the weight and should therefore be more than adequate for the vast majority of exercises. However, you have to be willing to spend between 300 and 500 euros depending on the version.

That’s what they were, our fitness gifts for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. We hope you could find one or two good gifts. The most important thing in the end is that you have thought and worked on what might be pleasing to others.

That’s what matters in the end. And never forget what the most precious thing you can give to someone is your time. Therefore, try to spend as much time as possible with the people during sports or otherwise. So you give yourself and the others.

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