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home gym equipment complete guide

If you cannot train daily in the gym due to lack of time, or other reasons, home fitness equipment can be a good alternative. However, before you look for suitable…

Fitness athlete workout
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29 great fitness gifts for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Almost everyone has one or the other athlete or fitness freak among his friends and relatives. Unfortunately it is sometimes not so easy to find the right fitness gifts for…

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5 great reasons to begin with fitness

Begin with fitness could be a massive step for several folks, however it’s a step that may amendment your life in many ways. initially look, fitness could seem sort of…

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A six pack in 6 weeks! Is that possible?

If you’ll be able to believe the magazine covers, it’s doable to run around with a rock-solid six pack at intervals some weeks. however is that possible? When can you…

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In the battle against the kilos it’s not solely necessary to find out a healthy diet, it’s additionally regarding obtaining enough exercise. in theory, this doesn’t got to be associate…

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“Bad” Fitness devices

Fitness device # 1: The Smith Machine When you walk into the gymnasium for the primary time, chances are high that you’re quantity} inundated by the big amount of various…