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Panna Cotta with strawberry sauce

Last week I looked in the fridge and saw that we still had a small cup of whipped cream. What can you make from a small cup of whipped cream?…

hamburger buns bread machine
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hamburger buns recipe

Barbecue! Sit outside with your friends or family with the barbecue and a fire pit on. What else do you want? Yes I know humburger buns recipe is your choice….

Balance diet healthy eating
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Why is healthy eating or balance diet so important

Healthy eating offers many benefits for everyone who makes it a daily habit. By starting a healthy lifestyle early on, you naturally get even more out of it. By learning…

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11 healthy breakfasts that will save your time

A good healthy breakfast gives you the necessary fuel to start the day. The ideal morning meal is rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins. That it can be more original…

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Stay healthy with 5 colors of fruit

“An apple everyday keeps the doctor away,” English  say. however that rule is superannuated. a minimum of 5 fruits, every with a unique color, you want to eat per day for a brilliant physiological state. The a lot of intense the colour, the healthier the fruit. and every color has…

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Flammkuchen with bacon and onions recipe

Flammkuchen Jawohl! I cherish pizza. It is by a wide margin my most loved sustenance. I want to eat it consistently. So it presumably does not amaze you that I…