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home gym equipment complete guide

If you cannot train daily in the gym due to lack of time, or other reasons, home fitness equipment can be a good alternative.

However, before you look for suitable fitness equipment that you can use at home.It is important not to fall into the trap of fitness fiction of easy fast results.

When looking for suitable fitness equipment, make sure that these fitness equipment.And associated training programs match your wallet your training objectives and your lifestyle.

Home Gym Equipment

Home gym equipment and associated training programs can be a great way to get in shape.

Getting in shape and getting a fit, well-trained body.However, is the result of a long period of intensive training and not of doing some abs for a few minutes every day.

Advertisers often promise that with a few minutes of effortless training a day you will reach the trained body in a very short time.

The effectiveness of the training program and fitness equipment is often supported with before and after photos.

So do not believe the golden mountains with which the advertisers try to sell their fitness equipment.

Determine your training objective

Before you purchase fitness home gym equipment, it is important to first determine what your training goal is.

There are other home gym equipment on the market for improving your fitness.And endurance than for improving your strength and increasing your muscle mass.

So clearly assess what you want to achieve and realize that for many training goals equipment is not necessary at all.

For example, if you want to improve your fitness through home gym equipment, you don’t have to buy a cross trainer or spinning bike at all.

But you can also cycle to work every day and go for a run or walk.

Start exercising already

After you have looked critically at different home gym equipment, but before you actually want to purchase the fitness equipment.Or the home gym equipment you have in mind, you need to find out for yourself how often you want to exercise per week.

It is also important to find out for yourself how long you want to exercise per training session.

If it is clear how often and for how long you want to exercise, it is important to do this in one way or another.

Now, for example, start spending the number of times you want to train on your home gym equipment on walking, cycling, jogging, etc.

and see if you can keep it up for a month. If you can keep this up for a month, it is useful to then test the fitness equipment.

If you cannot keep up with a month of exercise, it is not convenient to buy the home gym equipment device.the only thing that makes it lighter is your wallet.

Test the fitness device

If you can easily keep up with the number of times you exercise per week.It is useful to test the desired home gym equipment before you purchase it.

When testing the fitness device it is important to check workout and whether the device is built properly.

Testing the fitness device also includes reading user experiences in objective magazines. It is important that the desired fitness device matches the objective that you want to achieve.

Some home gym equipment improves overall fitness with regular use.others only the strength of very specific muscles, or muscle groups.

Google also the manufacturer on complaint handling and service so that you know how the manufacturer deals with its customers.

Best fitness equipment for cardio

Exercise bike

The home trainer is a bike that fits you perfectly. You can easily place it in the living room or in your bedroom. Certainly if you choose a foldable model.

This home gym equipment device is ideal if you want to lose weight. By cycling on a resistance you train your entire lower body and burn those unwanted calories.

Are you sensitive to injury or in rehabilitation then an exercise bike is ideal for you. Both the saddle and handlebar are adjustable in height so that you can assume a comfortable position.

The exercise bike is also ideal for intensive fat burning. With a built-in heart rate program you can train in your optimal fat burning zone.

If you are going to buy an exercise bike, choose one that is sturdy but easy to store.

By immediately buying a good exercise bike with adjustable legs you can perfectly straighten it and you prevent it from wobbling while cycling.

The more resistance levels are included, the more variation you can bring into your training.

Also check if there is a built-in heart rate monitor with which you can train with an interval program based on your heart rate.

Use an exercise bike at least 3 times a week to see quick results. After an hour of training you use approximately 400-500 kcal.

Burning outside and strengthening your lower body will increase your lung capacity, lower your blood pressure and make you feel fitter.

Elliptical cross trainer

Elliptical cross trainer
Elliptical cross trainer

The difference between an exercise bike and a cross trainer is that with a cross trainer you also train the muscles of your upper body.

The elliptical trainer is therefore ideal for doing a full body workout at home.

By standing on the pedals you strengthen your thighs, calves and buttocks, and by holding on to the levers you strengthen your upper body, arms and shoulders.

At first glance it looks like a challenger, but a cross trainer is easy to use, making smooth and smooth movements.

With fitness programs such as climbing, interval or sprint, this fitness machine is suitable for training with a focus on cardio and strength, but it will not make you super muscular.

The crosstrainer is a fully-fledged device to improve your endurance and strengthen your muscles at home with a tight body as a result.

With a cross trainer with a built-in training computer and heart rate monitor, you can train heart rate controlled. It also remembers your previous training sessions and you closely monitor your performance.

Choose a stable model with a sufficiently heavy flywheel. If you are going to buy a cross trainer, invest in one with a device with training computer that you can continue to actively challenge.


Treadmill exercise machine

The treadmill is perhaps the most famous fitness machine for home gym equipment. And not surprising, because almost everyone does walk.

But do you also do it when the pipe is raining and cold? Probably with a treadmill at home!

Who says treadmill initially thinks of the intensive home athlete. It is true that with running you burn more calories than any other type of cardio training.

But don’t forget that thanks to the speed and incline you can also take brisk walks with a treadmill at home.

People sometimes ask if walking on a treadmill is healthy. It is important that you use the treadmill properly.

Do not start running at the same tight pace for hours, but use the pre-programmed interval training sessions. The purpose of running training is to stay between your heart rate zone where your optimal fat relationship.

If you use a modified training schedule when exercising on a treadmill, you can lose weight responsibly and you will achieve maximum results.

Rowing machine

rowing machine

A rowing machine is not the most popular fitness equipment for the home, but it is the best way to train your entire body.

With the rowing movement you can easily train your upper and lower body muscles such as the buttock muscles, back muscles, abdomen and arm muscles.

Pay close attention to your posture; your back and wrists well straight and never bent, then with this fitness device you have a full body workout with little strain on your muscles and joints.

The rowing machine is with different resistance levels ideal for burning fat, and in addition to improving your condition you get pretty strong muscles.

Rowing trainers come in four types. We recommend that you purchase either an air resistance rowing machine or a water rowing machine. These best mimic the real rowing movement.

Spinning bike

Very popular with cycling enthusiasts, but particularly efficient for fat burning when losing weight.

The spinning lessons in the sports club, everyone knows them, where you see the most sweaty people. But also at home a spinning bike is the ideal fitness equipment to train with.

The spinning bike differs with an exercise bike in the pedal system where you can go to the very end with a spinning bike. Think of it as a racing bike but at home.

Do you like to put on your cycling suit? Then buying a spinning bike is entirely for you. With this home gym equipment you can do endurance training even at home when the wind blows off the roof.

Choose a spinning bike with a screen where you can read the wattage (power). The program remembers your ability and adjusts the program to your level and set goals.

Best fitness equipment for strength

Abdominal muscle trainer

Abdominal muscle trainer

The abdominal muscle, an often forgotten muscle when exercising, but it ensures the stability of your entire body.

Everyone dreams of having that sought-after six-pack, and with an abdominal muscle trainer you go for nothing less.

The advantage of an abdominal muscle trainer is that they are easy to use and therefore usually well suited for beginners to strengthen the core.

An abdominal muscle trainer offers an isolated abdominal muscle training which is ideal for the advanced athlete.

There are a number of effective types of devices for the home. Below we show you the 3 best abdominal muscle trainers of the moment.

If you train for visible abdominal muscles, an abdominal muscle trainer to strengthen your abdominal muscles is ideal in combination with other fitness equipment to train the excess fat off.

Tip: use a schedule to continue to challenge your core.

Fitness bench

Fitness bench

A fitness bench is an indispensable device for the strength athlete. With a bench you train in both sitting and lying positions.

If you purchase a fitness bench for at home, you offer yourself a lot of new training options.

With a fitness bench you can perform many well-known strength exercises that train different muscle groups. With a few dumbbells at your fitness bench you can get a long way.

When seeing a fitness bench, most people think of training the upper body such as chest, shoulders and arms, but did you know that you can also do a lot of abdominal and leg muscle exercises with it?

If you buy a fitness bench, make sure that the bench can be adjusted in at least 5 positions. And both in an incline and a decline position.

With extra support for foot and leg, you can take your abs into your workout in the decline position.


After discussing the fitness bench, a couple of dumbbells are almost indispensable in your home gym equipment.

With a dumbbell set you can do a variety of exercises at home for muscle groups such as the arms, shoulders, chest and back.

If you want to get started with strength training quickly, buy a set of adjustable dumbbells. Weights 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg are the essentials for the home.

If you do not want your home gym equipment lying around at home, take a set of dumbbells with a rack. That way they always stay neat and tidy where you need them for your workout.

Power station

Do you like to go to the gym for the diversity of fitness equipment? What do you think of bringing the gym to your home via a power station.

With a power station you can organize the perfect home gym at home, so you always have your favorite fitness exercise close to you.

At the average power station you can perform 30 number of exercises. Most power stations have units such as: chest press, leg, lat pulley and butterfly.

The advantage of a power station as fitness home gym equipment is that you can expand it with additional dumbbells and weights.

Do you like a versatile workout where you can train your entire body at home? Then go for a power station that you arrange at your own level. Never wait in the gym for your favorite device.

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